Sunday, 9 October 2011

King's College Email on BlackBerry [SOLVED] [UPDATE TO IMAP SETTINGS: 27/09/2013]

Hey guys, right I've been trying to foward all my KCL emails to my blackerry and iPod (have not tried the new technique with iPod yet) for about a week. And after looking on other blogs I still not have managed to do it but I finally found out how to do it. Right the things that you need are

- Your KCL email address (i.e (yourcollegeID) (e.g.
- Your password (obviously)
- And able to access your email through ''

So on your BlackBerry (I have the BlackBerry Curve), go to the SETUP folder and go to EMAIL SETTINGS. When the application 'initialises', you then go to ADD on the bottom. Then you go to OTHER.

Now you enter YOUR KCL email address. Not the ( but the one with your ID as discussed earlier. When you enter your email address and password, and click next, wait a few moments, then it should FAIL. Don't worry, this is supposed to happen. The error message you see may say (invalid email address or password. Verify your ... blah blah). IGNORE THIS. Click OK, now on the bottom you will see a new option that say's 'I WILL PROVIDE THE SETTINGS'. Click this.

Now on the top make sure the email type option is set to 'POP/IMAP (Most Common)' Type the KCL email address again and password. Now, either do this step or save time and read on, if you log into your KCL email through, and click OPTIONS in the corner, then click SEE ALL OPTIONS, then below GENERAL and MAILBOX USAGE, you will see a link that say's 'SETTINGS FOR POP, IMAP AND SMTP SETTINGS'. Click this to open a new window. Under POP settings it should say DISABLED, however under IMAP settings I got:

PORT: 993

I am guessing everyone should have the same SETTINGS.

On my BlackBerry Curve, I only had to type ( in the EMAIL SERVER box. If your phone requires more then type the rest of the settings in. Now for the USER NAME type in you KCL email address again exactly the same.

Finally click next and you should see the SUCCESSFUL message. Now wait patiently for at least 20 minutes and you should start recieving you KCL email. I hope this has helped you as much as it has helped me. Try sending a test message to your KCL email after 20 minutes and also a test email from your KCL account from your phone.